Fun Facts about Dogs

Irish Wolfhound puppy

Humans have kept dogs as pets for over 10,000 years so what have we learned?

  • The oldest dog fossil may be a jaw bone found in a Swiss cave (the debate is still on about older fossils found being wolf, dog, or somewhere in between)
  • 493 breeds are recognized by different kennel clubs in the world
  • The tallest breed is the Irish Wolfhound standing 28-35 inches and can reach 7 feet tall, standing on its hind legs
  • The smallest breed is the Chihuahua which is about 6-10 inches tall
  • The heaviest breed is the St Bernard, at 140-264 pounds 
  • The oldest breed is most likely the Saluki
  • Dogs have 321 bones +/- depending on the length of the tail and the absence/presence of a declaw
  • Dog’s smell is 100,000 times better than ours
  • Nose prints are unique, like our fingerprints
  • Dog’s hearing is more than 10x more accurate than ours; about 18 muscles tilt, rotate, raise/lower a dog’s ear and with these muscles, a dog’s ear can move to locate the source of a sound, in 6/100th of a second
  • Dogs don’t have an appendix (but a cecum) and like humans have prostates
  • Dogs are not colour-blind
  • Dalmatians are born white
  • A female dog carries her litter for 60 days before birth and goes into heat twice a year for about 20 days 
  • In 6 years, a female dog, a male dog, and their puppies can produce 66,000 dogs

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