Squirrel and the New Kid on the Block

Brown SquirrelJust the other day Creamy discovered the Squirrel. She froze, ears perked, tail up – her alert hunting pose? The squirrel was sitting still on the white fence across the street, perhaps aware of a new predator. It drove Creamy nuts when he hopped along the fence, jumped onto the tree, and disappeared into the canopy.  

Both my dogs have hunting dog genes but I suppose all dogs have some prey drive. It’s actually Creamy that stalks cats and birds.  Blackspot, not so much, at least not anymore. For her, it’s the nuts that have fallen off the trees or the food offerings people leave around for their ancestors.

Creamy has a mindmap of where all the cats live on our regular walks. Thennuts there’s a flock of roosters that she likes to run through and flush out. It’s not always easy, with one dog going after cats and the other sniffing for food. Avoiding drains (where cats hide out) and offerings, as not to fall into the drains ourselves or to offend the neighbour’s ancestors sometimes makes for a comedic spectacle for those around.

Hmmm wondering if Creamy is chasing the squirrels so they will drop their stash of nuts..for Blackspot. They have been known to work together, for food.


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