Living in the Tropics with Dogs

Singapore pretty much sits at the equator so aside from the rather frequent rainstorms, it’s pretty darn hot and humid here! Unless you live high up or have a really good cross breeze, most people have fans and/or air conditioning on all day, especially for their heat-sensitive dogs.

Aside: It’s actually pretty amazing that huskies live in our tropical climates when they are bred to run through ice and snow. When we visited Blackspot at the quarantine, we saw an owner with five huskies. I think it’s one thing if you are moving with them (rather than rehome or abandon) but quite another to import or buy them from a pet shop. I know they are beautiful dogs but the tropics really isn’t where they belong or where they thrive. I saw quite a few huskies and malamutes at Mutts and Mittens as longterm boarders and there are always huskies looking for a new home. The weather makes it tricky to get enough exercise for these guys.

Living in Singapore means being more mindful of your dogs in the heat. It means no long walks just anytime during the day. Early in the morning or after the sun’s down is best. Short walks during the day are just potty time for my dogs.

When we first arrived, we could only do short walks, to acclimatize Blackspot. She didn’t sit in air con all day so she got used to the temperature. Now that we have a Golden Retriever, with her thicker coat, we definitely limit our daytime outings. When they are at a boarding kennel, we always get an air conditioned one, since we’re not there to monitor them.

Pug Dog

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Certain breeds are more prone to heatstrokes. This includes the snub nose dogs like the bulldog, pekingese, and pug. Also dogs with double coats like huskies. Be sure to look out for signs of overheating.


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