Dolque and Robby

Singapore has a large stray population, that is fed by both individuals and groups. Some of the abandoned are rescued, adopted or put up at boarding kennels at Pasir Ris.  Many of the kind-hearted people feeding the stray dogs and cats are not that well-off, often scraping together just enough to buy canned food for the animals.

The recent economic downturn and outrageous inflation in Singapore has left much of the population in financial difficulty, especially the older generations who must return to the work force as food court cleaners, for example.

What will happen to these devoted animal lovers and the animals themselves when the people are squeezed beyond their means?

black and white mixed breedblack and tan mixed breed

Dolque and Robby are mixed-breed siblings rescued by a Singaporean lady. They were found, under nourished, tied up at a temple. Now they are longterm boarders at a pet hotel in Pasir Ris. Almost three, Dolque and Robby have now spent most of their lives in a kennel, along with many rescues still without a home. The rescuer visits them regularly and pays for them to be walked. Otherwise they only have each other.

Dolque and Robby need our help. Their rescuer has been paying their boarding fees.  Now she has run into financial trouble. A real estate agent who has done quite well all these years, she is now facing tremendous difficulties paying for the two dogs.

Donations have supported Dolque and Robby since April 2011 but the only solution is a home.  The chances of adoption for medium-sized mixed breeds in Singapore are not that great. Most Singaporeans live in HDBs, public housing that allows one dog of an approved breed per household. And for some reason, most people prefer pure breeds anyway, even if they don’t live in HDBs.

What will happen to Dolque and Robby when donations run dry? I hope before that happens, we will find them a forever home. Until then, please contact me if you have some cash to spare and keep these two lovely dogs safe.

Dolque and Robby are gentle friendly dogs. Will you help them?

Black and Tan dog sitting on bench

Dolque relaxing at a vet check


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