“You Need to Bathe a Dog Every Day”

Some people believe that they need to bathe their dog every day because of the “doggie” smell. 

Dogs are not like people. They have natural oils in their skin that is needed by the coat and skin.  Bathing a dog every day dries out their skin, making them itch and scratch. Nowadays a wide range of high-quality shampoos is available, making bathing less drying for your dog but still every day is too much. How often you wash your dog depends on the type of coat, if your dog is an outdoor or indoor dog, and what kind of activities he likes doing.

Some dogs, like Creamy, love mud, water, and unfortunately even “camouflage scenting”.  If there is a single drop of dew, you can bet Creamy gets it on her coat. After every walk, she’s somehow at least a little bit wet.  Sometimes it’s mud-rolling. I remember several nights, after some off-leash fun, that our lovely Creamy came home caked in mud.  Bathing her was unavoidable. 

If your dog is like Creamy and constantly dirty, you can also just rinse her with water, without shampoo. Because both our dogs sleep in bed with us, we use wipes to clean their paws and bums after each walk. 


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