Frito Feet – Do Your Dog’s Paws Smell like Corn Chips or Popcorn?

Come on, admit it, you love the smell of your dog’s paws. We do. When we heard Sandra Bullock’s character in Lakehouse saying how she loved the smell of her dog’s paws, we knew we weren’t the only ones. When I googled this topic, massive search results came up, with a staggering number of people talking about it, even Facebook pages for it!

There’s actually a reason for this. Before you get grossed out, know that the whole world is full of microbes and bacteria. We have about one trillion bacteria just on our skin!

In of themselves, bacteria are not a bad thing. They perform specific, necessary, and important functions. It’s only when they overwhelm their environment and an organism’s balance that bacteria become a problem.

Like us, dogs are host to bacteria and their paws are the perfect home (a little moist and not much air circulation). Each bacteria is unique, including its smell.  

So why do dog’s paws smell sweet? Maybe it’s the bacterium Proteus known for their corn tortilla odour or the bacterium Pseudomonas which is a little like popcorn. I can’t quite figure out what Blackspot’s paws smell like, but it’s nice, even comforting. Creamy, on the other hand, with the more furry paws, doesn’t have much of a smell. Go figure. 


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