How Blackspot Found Us

We both believe that our animals find us. It’s never a coincidence how we find each other in life, whether it be another person or an animal.

We both grew up with dogs and really missed having one. We had great beaches and lots of nature to explore.  And maybe go boating with our friends. We thought a dog would be a perfect companion.

Once our landlord agreed to allowing a dog, we began visiting the SPCA. Every dog we saw was either too big, too small, or was a pitbull/bulldog mix. Not knowing where we would be next, we couldn’t risk adopting a breed, labeled as dangerous and banned by so many countries, and then not being able to relocate with our dog. At the SPCA, the staff was just telling us about the difficulty an Australian is having, returning home with her adopted pitbullX.

Month after month we looked. My husband put my name down for a lab puppy, twice. We even started looking on the American site, thinking of flying the dog over to us but fate had other plans.

Mixed Breed

Waiting for us was a sweet looking dog with a cocked head who made herself into the perfect size.  She looked small but was in fact as big as a lab.

On our very first walk we couldn’t stop chatting about how cute she looked, with all her spots and how perfect she was. She was friendly and curious. When she fell off the low curb, we knew for sure.

We had looked over a year.  Our dog had found us.  A beautifully-spotted dog who would teach us so much. A dog who somehow found her way to us. A dog given up by so many people but who never gave up.

People are often angered by stories of abandonment and surrender.  I am always disappointed by how easily some people are defeated, by the misconceptions that exist, by the turn of events that may lead to a difficult decision…Sure, life can throw some tough ones, curveballs.

But if Blackspot were not surrendered, twice actually, we would not have her in our lives. The first adoption gave her a family, exposure to kids, and stability through puppyhood.  The second adoption gave her love and crate training. These two adoptions together gave her a home, before we were even in the country, or able to have a dog.  Of course we don’t know what kind of dog Blackspot would have been otherwise.

What we know and who we are blessed with is an extremely intelligent dog, a quick learner, with quirks that never fail to put a smile on our faces.  A stoic dog who is a creature of comforts. A dog so excited to see us, before training, would knock me on my back greeting us. Maybe not an overtly affectionate dog but a loving dog. A dog we can talk with all the time. She is our bright-eyed puppy.


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